Kids YouTube Star Blippi Steezy Grossman Original Video

Blippi, a famous children’s YouTube star, once existed under the name Steezy Grossman Original Video and participated in a shocking incident with a controversial original video. In this article on, we will explore Stevin John’s journey, from Steezy Grossman, with his shockingly funny videos, to his current role as Blippi – a young educational icon me. We’ll dig into his incredible original video and his transformation over the decades, from daring comedian to the positive role model of the children’s YouTube generation.

Kids YouTube Star Blippi Steezy Grossman Original Video
Kids YouTube Star Blippi Steezy Grossman Original Video

I. Stevin John (Blippi) is on YouTube

Stevin John, widely known by his pseudonym Blippi, is a charismatic YouTube personality who has carved a unique niche as an entertainer for children on the popular video-sharing platform. With his distinctive appearance characterized by an orange bow tie, bright orange glasses, and a blue and orange cap, Blippi captivates the hearts of young viewers across the globe. Through his energetic and engaging content, he has become a beloved figure in the world of online entertainment, catering specifically to the curious minds and eager imaginations of children.

Blippi’s YouTube channel serves as a digital playground where he embarks on exciting adventures, exploring a variety of subjects that pique the interests of youngsters, ranging from big machines like tractors and fire trucks to encounters with captivating jungle animals. His approach involves speaking in a cheerful, over-enunciated manner that resonates with his target audience, fostering a genuine sense of childlike wonder. Beyond his on-screen antics, Blippi encourages young viewers to seek permission from adults and follow him on social media, ensuring that his online presence extends into the lives of his dedicated fans.

Intriguingly, Stevin John’s journey into the world of children’s entertainment began with a vastly different persona, known as Steezy Grossman, where he produced low-budget and often low-brow comedy videos. His transformation from Steezy Grossman to the beloved Blippi exemplifies a remarkable shift in his career, transitioning from unconventional internet humor to becoming a 21st-century digital equivalent of Mr. Rogers, captivating the hearts and minds of children everywhere.

Stevin John (Blippi) is on YouTube
Stevin John (Blippi) is on YouTube

II. Original video by Stevin John called Harlem Shake Poop

The shocking event in question revolves around a video titled “Harlem Shake Poop,” which features Stevin John, known as Steezy Grossman at the time, engaging in a rather unconventional and startling performance. In this video, the content and imagery are as follows:

Video Title: Harlem Shake Poop

Setting: The video is set in the interior of a sparse bathroom with a shower stall, providing an intimate and somewhat surreal backdrop for the unexpected events that unfold.


  1. Steezy Grossman (Stevin John): He is the central figure in the video, characterized by his humorous and irreverent persona. Stevin John is seated on the toilet with his pants down around his ankles. He sports a tank top, sunglasses, and an oddly-placed bicycle helmet, adding to the eccentricity of the scene.
  2. Unidentified Friend: A friend of Stevin John, whose identity remains unknown, plays a crucial role in the video. He is positioned on the bathroom floor, leaning against the wall in a contorted shoulderstand. His head and neck are on the floor, hips in the air, and legs dangle down. He, too, is dressed in an unusual ensemble, wearing goggles and a swim cap. A black bar has been edited over his genital area, obscuring explicit content.

The Sequence of Events:

  1. Dance Prelude: The video begins with Stevin John seated on the toilet, gently shrugging his shoulders and rolling his arms to the beat of the music. The choice of music is a techno song known as “Harlem Shake.”
  2. Explosive Defecation: As the music reaches a crescendo and the beat drops, the unexpected and shocking moment occurs. Stevin John emits an explosive stream of feces, resulting in a cacophonous eruption that sends fecal matter splattering across the bathroom. The force of the expulsion causes the excrement to hit various surfaces, including the wall, the glass shower door, and the floor.
  3. Target Hit: The most startling aspect of this event is that a significant portion of the feces hits its intended target, which is the exposed buttocks of his friend who is in the contorted shoulderstand position.
  4. Giggles and Continued Dancing: Despite the absurdity of the situation, both Stevin John and his friend continue to dance briefly, maintaining their composure and engagement with the video’s humorous intent.
  5. Gagging Sound: Eventually, the video captures the unmistakable sound of gagging, indicating that the friend is reacting to the situation, though he continues to attempt a dancing motion with his legs.

Interpretation: While undoubtedly gross and absurd, it’s essential to note that the video’s intention was purely for comedic effect. It was a consensual and nonsexual prank, characterized by Jackass-style humor. Although the content is unconventional, it was created with the intent to entertain and shock viewers for the sake of humor, without causing harm or offense.

This video represents a unique and rather bizarre chapter in Stevin John’s earlier internet career as Steezy Grossman, which stands in stark contrast to his current role as Blippi, a beloved children’s entertainer.

Original video by Stevin John called Harlem Shake Poop
Original video by Stevin John called Harlem Shake Poop

III. Watch Steezy Grossman Original Video

IV. The Rapid Rise to Fame and Influence of Blippi

Blippi’s ascent to stardom within the realm of children’s entertainment has been nothing short of meteoric. His engaging and educational content has struck a chord with young viewers worldwide, catapulting him into the spotlight. Here, we delve into the swift growth of Blippi’s YouTube channel and the expansive reach of his associated products, such as toys and books.

  1. YouTube Dominance: Blippi’s main YouTube channel has amassed a staggering 3.6 million subscribers, and this number continues to grow steadily. With each video release, he manages to capture the attention and hearts of millions of children, providing them with an educational and entertaining escape from the ordinary. His ability to maintain a dedicated and engaged audience is a testament to the quality and appeal of his content.
  2. A Multifaceted Empire: Beyond his primary YouTube channel, Blippi’s influence extends to various facets of children’s entertainment. The “Blippi Toys” channel, featuring videos of Blippi playing with toy trucks and engaging in play gym activities, boasts over 3 million subscribers. Additionally, the Spanish-dubbed Blippi channel has a substantial following of almost 4.3 million subscribers. This diverse portfolio of channels ensures that Blippi reaches a global audience, transcending language barriers.
  3. Staggering Viewer Engagement: Collectively, the Blippi channels have accumulated an astonishing 7 billion views, and they continue to garner approximately 400 million views per month. While YouTube ad revenues vary widely based on several factors, this volume of traffic has the potential to generate significant earnings. Blippi’s ad revenue figures, however, remain undisclosed.
  4. Expansive Merchandise Line: Blippi’s influence extends far beyond the digital realm. His brand boasts an extensive range of official merchandise, including dolls, books, action figures, bicycles, T-shirts, and even replicas of his iconic hat and glasses. Moreover, there are Blippi-themed birthday party decorations and a licensing partnership with K-Swiss for the sale of Blippi-branded children’s sneakers. This diversified merchandise empire has been cultivated in just a few short years, showcasing the brand’s remarkable growth.

In summary, Blippi’s rapid ascent to fame and influence in the world of children’s entertainment is nothing short of remarkable. His YouTube channels, combined with a captivating range of merchandise, have solidified his status as a beloved figure among young audiences and a noteworthy force within the industry. Blippi’s ability to educate, entertain, and engage children on a global scale highlights the enduring appeal of his brand.

The Rapid Rise to Fame and Influence of Blippi
The Rapid Rise to Fame and Influence of Blippi

V. Parental Reactions to Blippi: Why His Content is Considered Suitable for Children?

The reception of Blippi’s content by parents has been largely positive, with many expressing their approval of his videos and the reasons why they find his content suitable for children. Here, we explore the perspectives and opinions of parents regarding Blippi’s content:

  1. Educational Value: One of the most cited reasons why parents appreciate Blippi is the educational value embedded in his videos. Blippi’s episodes often revolve around exploring everyday objects and concepts that resonate with children, such as buses, excavators, and animals. Parents view this as a valuable opportunity for their kids to learn about the world in an engaging and informative manner.
  2. Relatable Settings: Blippi frequently features familiar settings like supermarkets, his home, and parks, which parents find relatable for their children. These settings provide a sense of connection for young viewers, as they can easily identify with the environments and scenarios presented in the videos.
  3. Catchy Songs: Blippi incorporates catchy songs into his content, which not only entertain children but also serve as effective tools for learning. The songs often reinforce the educational themes of the videos, making it easier for kids to retain and recall information.
  4. Non-Annoying Content: Parents often cite the non-annoying nature of Blippi’s content as a significant factor in their approval. Unlike some other online content targeting children, Blippi’s videos strike a balance between entertainment and education without resorting to overstimulation or excessive noise, which can be a concern for parents.
  5. Parental Guidance: Blippi actively encourages young viewers to seek the permission of an adult and follow him on social media. This proactive approach reassures parents that their children are engaging with content that respects the need for parental supervision and consent.
  6. Positive Role Model: Blippi’s cheerful and friendly persona serves as a positive role model for children. Parents appreciate the emphasis on curiosity, exploration, and learning that Blippi promotes, which aligns with their aspirations for their children’s development.

In summary, parents generally view Blippi’s content as a welcome departure from the flood of low-quality animated videos on YouTube and the potentially harmful or exploitative content that has been targeted at children in the past. They see his videos as a source of wholesome entertainment and education, reinforcing their belief that Blippi’s content is suitable and beneficial for their kids.

VI. Blippi: From Steezy Grossman to the YouTube Generation

Blippi’s transformation from Steezy Grossman into the beloved children’s entertainer we know today represents a remarkable journey that highlights the stark contrast between these two personas. Let’s delve into the evolution of Stevin John from his Steezy Grossman days to becoming Blippi, emphasizing the stark differences between these two images:

The Steezy Grossman Era:

In his earlier days as Steezy Grossman, Stevin John was a content creator known for producing unconventional, low-budget comedy videos. These videos bore titles like “Turdboy” and “Underwear Man,” and they were characterized by humor that often leaned towards the lowbrow and absurd. Steezy Grossman’s content was daring, unconventional, and occasionally even controversial, aiming to elicit shock and amusement from viewers. This persona embraced a style of humor that was anything but child-friendly, catering to a different audience altogether.

The Transformation to Blippi:

The transition from Steezy Grossman to Blippi marked a profound shift in Stevin John’s career. Blippi emerged as a wholesome, family-friendly character designed explicitly for the YouTube generation of young children. Blippi’s trademark appearance, featuring an orange bow tie, bright orange glasses, and a blue and orange cap, immediately sets him apart from his earlier comedic persona. His content took a 180-degree turn, focusing on educational and age-appropriate topics that appeal directly to kids.

Stark Contrasts:

  1. Content Style: The most glaring difference lies in the content style. Steezy Grossman’s humor was edgy, risqué, and at times, outrageous, while Blippi’s content is educational, light-hearted, and safe for children.
  2. Audience: Steezy Grossman catered to an older, more mature audience seeking shock value and unconventional humor. In contrast, Blippi is designed explicitly for young children aged 3 to 6, creating content that is both entertaining and educational for this demographic.
  3. Persona: Steezy Grossman embraced a persona that reveled in audacity and eccentricity, while Blippi adopts a warm, friendly, and childlike persona that invites young viewers to explore the world alongside him.
  4. Purpose: Steezy Grossman’s videos aimed primarily for shock and amusement, whereas Blippi’s primary goal is to foster curiosity, learning, and wonder in children.

In summary, the transformation of Stevin John from Steezy Grossman into Blippi represents a remarkable evolution in his career. It showcases his versatility as a content creator, transitioning from unconventional, adult-oriented humor to becoming a beloved figure in children’s entertainment. This transformation not only emphasizes the stark contrasts between these two personas but also underscores the adaptability and innovation that can define a successful career on platforms like YouTube.

VII. Stevin John’s (Blippi) response to the original video v

Stevin John, better known as Blippi, has provided a response to the viral video titled “Harlem Shake Poop” from his Steezy Grossman days. In his statement, he acknowledges the existence of the video and reflects on his past actions, emphasizing personal growth and change. Here is a summary of Blippi’s response:

  1. Acknowledgment of the Video: Blippi openly admits to the existence of the video, confirming that it was indeed a part of his earlier content creation as Steezy Grossman. He does not deny his involvement in the video or its creation.
  2. Regret and Reflection: Blippi expresses regret for his past actions, characterizing them as “gross-out comedy.” He acknowledges that, at the time, he found such humor amusing but now recognizes that it was “stupid and tasteless.” This admission signifies a shift in his perspective and values as he matured.
  3. Personal Growth: Blippi emphasizes that he has evolved and grown significantly since the time of the video’s creation. He conveys his hope that people will view him based on the person he is today, rather than judging him for the actions of his past. This highlights his commitment to his current role as a beloved children’s entertainer and educator.

Blippi’s response demonstrates a sense of accountability for his earlier content, as well as an earnest desire to distance himself from the content that no longer aligns with his current image and mission. It reflects his acknowledgment of past mistakes and a commitment to providing wholesome and educational content for children in his present career as Blippi.

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